Against the backdrop of the Civil War, Dr./Major James Breathed chooses the Cause of the Confederacy over medicine. But will that decision cost him the love of his life? James is swept away into a tragic American war created by divisions between the northern states and the southern states. He was born in Virginia but now living in the border state of Maryland, and he is forced to choose sides in the war.

The novel tragically sets up the paradoxical inner conflict of his relating to saving life as a doctor versus destroying life as a soldier. He re-channels his genius from medical to master warrior of death and destruction. The novel is explosively full of historically accurate battle scenes and all the characters are real historical people. Mollie Macgill, his female equivalent, utilizes her espionage talents as the two fall in love throughout the course of the war. She struggles to maintain her way of life and preserve her family, as the war tears her emotionally apart, she despairs and becomes disheartened.

Among many of the central themes of the novel are the Christian faith of both James and Mollie that are ultimately tested and shaken by the trials and tribulations of the war. In the final post-war chapters they both seek redemption from God for their greater devotion to the Southern Cause. As they seek to repair their shattered souls the novel reveals the tragic brokenness of James’ and Mollie’s lives and that of their families.


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I watched the 25 minute version of Broken Circle and found it fascinating. Am going to buy your book and try to promote in the store. Also found it very interesting that you are a presbyterian minister. Now I wished we could have talked some more. Thanks for coming and sharing the dvd. Breathed certainly is unusual and the doctor vs. soldier deserves more attention.

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