This book, like the series of five exhibitions around Illinois in 2000-2001 that preceded it, is a reclaiming of the city's art heritage from the first half of the 20th Century. The 48 Chicago-area artists included within the collection, whose paintings were collected by Powell and Barbara Bridges of Wilmette, Illinois, worked across a spectrum of generally respresentational styles. But the core of the book's 78 paintings are the ones with Chicago as the subject. In addition to their beauty and artistic merit, these works are also a glimpse into the past, fragments of history and they tell a part of the story of Chicago. © Chicago Tribune, Section 14, Books, December 12, 2004.


2017-03-14, 16:28
Dear Mr. Bridges,

Thank you for speaking at our February 8 meeting. It is so important to remember the sacrifices and achievements of heroes like Major Breathed. We had a good crowd and an enthusiastic audience. Thank you also for the helpful research handout, which we added to our website.

My husband Jay just finished reading The Broken Circle and said it was a great book. He thinks that Breathed's superior effectiveness on the battlefield may have kept him from getting more promotions that would have removed him from some of the actual fighting. Next we will lend the book to a friend. I will read it after that, and would like to read your other books.

Let us know if we can assist you in your history or genealogy endeavors.

Best wishes,

Elsa Schmieder, Clayton Library Friends