Here is a story of the founding of the finest hunting and fishing club in the country. The Woodmont Story is a complete histrory of the Woodmont Rod and Gun Club of Hancock, Maryland. Henry P. Bridges was active in the operation of the club from 1908 through 1957. Bridges tells of the celebrities who visited the club, including six presidents of the United States and others high ih Washington life. He also tells anecdotes connected with many of the long-time members of the club which are entertaining and reveal much about the club's origin and history. Woodmont has made a specialty of breeding wild turkeys, and Bridges tells much about how turkeys were bred and hunted, for he raised 60,000 wild turkeys during his life. This book will be of interest to the many conservationist of wild game, and they will get to know the patriarch of the man who brought the wild turkey back from extinction in North America. Woodmont is a shining example of the good times that a hunting and fishing club can bring to its members, their families, and their friends.


2017-03-14, 16:28
David did indeed appear last night and though the group was small (12) they were very enthusiastic and interested. David was wonderful, very engaging, and sold several books. I wish more people would have been here to hear him, but those who were really enjoyed the evening.

Thanks for your help.

Katherine R. Mandaro, General Manager

Maryland Club