Bridges cowboy croppedDavid P. Bridges is the founder of the Woodmont Writers Enclave and its lead writing instructor. He is a novelist, biographer, historian, theologian, outdoorsman, and agrarian. He weaves these disciplines together to craft distinctive works of non-fiction and literary historical fiction. His specific area of expertise is American history from 1825 to 1950.

David first began writing about the Civil War and his family history after serving as an ordained Presbyterian minister for two and a half decades. His first book tells the story of the Best family, entrepreneurs who contributed to the growth of Chicago during America’s industrial period. His second work spans more than three centuries and chronicles the life of the Bridges family of western Maryland. His third book detailing the life and accomplishments of James Breathed, a major who fought in the Confederate Army. Inspired by Major Breathed’s story, David wrote his first novel based on the soldier’s biography. This tragic tale features romance, espionage, and death.

David has three novels in progress, including “Eden’s Clan, the story of the Thomases, a large and prosperous pioneering and agrarian clan settled in Southwest Virginia, whose lives are interrupted and changed forever by war and Reconstruction. He established the Writers Enclave at Woodmont of Virginia as a writers-in-residence program where he teaches clients to write biographies, histories, and novels.

A lifelong learner, Bridges has earned several degrees in his areas of interest, obtaining an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural economics from the University of Kentucky and a Master of Divinity from the University of Chicago. He also studied fiction writing for a year each at Hollins and John Hopkins universities. More recently, he worked as an adjunct professor at the University of Richmond in Virginia, where he taught writing.

David lives on his 261-acre farm, Woodmont of Virginia, in the Appalachian Mountains near Callaway, Virginia, with his faithful English Setter bird dogs Angel, Bella, Rosey, Biggen and Shelby along with his Black Angus herd of cattle.


2017-03-14, 16:28
Dear Mr. Bridges,

Thank you for speaking at our February 8 meeting. It is so important to remember the sacrifices and achievements of heroes like Major Breathed. We had a good crowd and an enthusiastic audience. Thank you also for the helpful research handout, which we added to our website.

My husband Jay just finished reading The Broken Circle and said it was a great book. He thinks that Breathed's superior effectiveness on the battlefield may have kept him from getting more promotions that would have removed him from some of the actual fighting. Next we will lend the book to a friend. I will read it after that, and would like to read your other books.

Let us know if we can assist you in your history or genealogy endeavors.

Best wishes,

Elsa Schmieder, Clayton Library Friends